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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Egg Drop soup; Hot & Sour soup; Mustard Greens and 5 spice Powder, the soups for the Year of the Goat/Sheep, Chinese New Year Begins tonight..photos

This year everyone has chose soups and either chicken sweet and sour with kumquats (own grown) or with Cashews and fresh bamboo root.
Here are the soups, and I will make the other dishes tomorrow, for dessert  tahini-date turnovers, and almond cookies.

Trumpet Mushrooms, Scallions, Asian Eggplants, Dried shitake mushrooms, Bamboo shoot

Fresh Bamboo Shoot

own grown bean sprouts

previous 2 the egg drop soup with greens

previous 2 the Mustard Greens and chicken soup

Hot and sour soup finished with scallion sand sesame oil

 Sake is used in the soups and the entrees

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