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Monday, December 16, 2013

PREP.Chicken noodle soup, turkey meatloaf tips and photos

vegetables and ground turkey for meatloaf mix

With any chicken soup, cook the bones ( don't chop the bones or the broth will be cloudy from the blood) from the bird first with any vegetables to create a good strong broth, adding the chicken meat for the last 30 mins of cooking.
Remove the meat and strain off the stock, leave overnight in a cool place and the next day remove any fat from the surface.
Bring the broth back to a rolling boil and add more fresh vegetables cut into bite sized pieces, I used celery ( leaves especially), carrots, onion, leeks, parsnips, sweetcorn. Cook on high simmer for 30 mins - 1 hour and season with salt & pepper and any dried herbs (I prefer thyme and sage).

Cook the pasta or noodles in a separate pan in boiling salted water, drain well and rinse slightly to remove any starch.
if serving that day.
Add the cooked chicken also cut into bite sized pieces in the hot soup for 30 mins, adding the cooked pasta/noodles for the last 15 mins.
Can be served with chopped fresh herbs..ie parsley or dill

Cooking the meat and pasta separate keeps the broth clear and not cloudy and also prevents the noodles soaking up all the stock..if serving the next day, by all means add the cooked chicken to the soup and chill completely, but don't add the pasta until the day of serving.

The turkey meatloaf..shape into a small loaf and cover base of baking dish with fresh tomato sauce.
Add sparingly, a spoonful of sauce to the top of the meatloaf and bake in a 350f oven for approx 40 mins per 2 pounds, or until juices run clear.
The recipe is the same as the Chicken burgers on Nov 22nd blog..just added extra vegetables of choice, plus 2 tbsp tomato ketchup to the mix.

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