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Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Baking a name for yourself" New Recipe- Biography Book on Bread & dishes related from GOOD LIFE, THE GREAT GRANNY Diet, NOW ON AMAZON KINDLE

Every great meal, Includes  a GOOD bread, & nothing is better than some own made.
Baking a Name for Yourself" master this book and it's recipes and you will soon be known as an extraordinary bread maker.
This Recipe book has all kinds of types of bread, and from all over the world.

Some recipes produce bread on the table in under 2 hours, others take 24 hours, and they are all fantastic.
No special equipment is needed, and all can be prepared at home.
Breads & uses of breads. like: Date, Nut & Tahini, Potato-Dill, Hot Chile-cheese bread, Ham and cheese corn bread, Molasses oatmeal, Chapattis, Banana-nut quick bread, Cornmeal Spoon Bread, H.R.H. Prince Charles's favorite bread and butter pudding with Scotch Whisky and Christmas Pudding.

This  book also has more anecdotes from my work experience with the international "Rich & Famous".
Unlike the previous book, all the recipes are numbered so you can easily find your favorites time and time again, and with over 80 recipes, you WILL be spoiled for choice.

THE GREAT GRANNY Diet Series is dedicated to my parents and my grandparents who enjoyed cooking and baking in quieter times, and who all baked bread at home every other day.

The recipes are all updated to today's home kitchens yet keep their simplicity, and most recipes are Globaly adjustable.(AS THIS BLOG IS READ IN OVER 135 COUNTRIES , I want it so that you can make a sourdough bread in Mongolia just as easy as New York City).

The series will include cookies and nibbly party things, Vegan-Vegetarian dishes, meat and fish dishes, and more things with just Fruit &Vegetables, Plus an  odds and ends book of everything I might have left out.

The first Volume THE GREAT GRANNY Diet is the blueprint/manual for the entire series and deals with how to properly cook dried beans and legumes, some soups and starters. Also food hygiene and preventing food borne illness; and storage techniques, for great food handling.

I am hoping now to publish a new volume every month or 6 weeks, I have been cooking world wide, for over 40 years so you can imagine the recipes I have in my head!

Enjoy these new recipes & exploits, then you might understand, when I state, "Bread, it's not just for sandwiches anymore".
Sourdough #33

Granola Recipes #55 & #56

Hot Cross Buns Recipe #9

2 hours from scratch bread recipe #3


Mum & Dad

Potato-Dill sourdough #33

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