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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ants climbing a tree before adding the trees, roasted half chicken, salads..all photos and tips..COMPLETING ASIAN THEMED MENU FOR DELIVERY TODAY

Steamed carrots, butternut squash and zucchini

sauteing the ground turkey in batches for Ants climbing a tree

Adding the sauteed turkey and dried and fresh shitake mushrooms for Ants

Crystallized ginger, fresh ginger, cucumber, cilantro, scallions, olive oil and lemon juice..Cucumber-ginger salad

Ants climbing a tree, before adding soba noodles..cooked turkey, mushrooms, scallions, ginger, garlic, sherry, soy sauce, chicken stock, kale, Salt & pepper

Fresh SEASONAL fruit salad with jicama, kiwi, bananas, berries, pineapple, apple, orange

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