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Monday, December 30, 2013

Rock Star Chicken, Turkey and vegetable enchiladas, soups, waffles, sides.."how to" photos, today's delivery menu

Did you know that Cilantro is one of the most widely used, fresh kitchen herbs, on the planet?
It is used all over the world to add pungency and freshness to dishes.
I love the flavor it adds to any soup or side dish...here along with inspiring prosperity for the New Year, it features in many dishes.
Happy New Year!

Yam and carrot blended soup

Green Minestrone finished with fresh basil leaves & extra virgin olive oil

heat the corn  tortillas in a dry skillet, then keep them warm, wrapping in a cloth kitchen towel

The ground turkey, bell peppers, garlic, onions, celery, carrots, chicken stock, tomatoes, yams..place over a colander to strain out some of the  sauce before filling the tortillas

Dip the warm tortillas in tomato sauce before filling

The tomato sauce for dipping and baking the enchiladas

Sauteing Brussel's sprouts, and broccoli stems

The dipped, filled and topped enchiladas to be baked at client's home

Enchiladas may be topped with cheese, and/or even filled and topped with cheese

Sauteing broccoli & Brussel's sprouts makes them taste sweeter and actually caramelizes them

Topped with black sesame seeds and cilantro

Roasted potatoes and yams topped with chopped scallion greens

Cooked black beans topped with dried oregano
Whole wheat sourdough, flax seed, banana-walnut waffles (dairy free, and sugar free)

"Rock Star" roasted chicken with rosemary

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