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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blackbean and turkey stew; Turkey and rice stuffed bell peppers..photos and info for tomorrow's menu

I am now preparing and delivering organic meat meals, as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes (having bowed to client pressure) and the  plant-based menu is featured on 

www.goodeliphe.blogspot.com and the meat is featured on this blog.

I am using ground organic turkey meat for these recipes, I prefer to use the dark meat as it has more flavor and is more tender when cooked.

The ways to improve flavor when cooking with this meat is to cook it very well in it's own stock.
I cooked this ground turnkey by sauteing with onions and garlic then added apple juice, chicken stock and herbs, and simmered if for 2 hours until 3/4 of liquid has been absorbed/evaporated.
This makes the meat have a more concentrated flavor, far better than sauteing everything (meat and vegetables) together and cooking as a whole, then the flavor of the meat is lost.

The dishes for tomorrow are :
A hearty black bean and yam stew with turkey served with steamed red rice (in place of wine I have used apple juice)

Very moist turkey and rice stuffed yellow peppers with a tomato sauce and steamed brown rice.
I don't like peppers stuffed with too much rice, much prefer to serve with extra on the side..The vegetables for the peppers includes, carrots, parsnips, own grown tomatoes (yes I am still picking them), onions, garlic and sweetcorn.

Always plunge the raw peppers into boiling salted water and partially cook, before stuffing to ensure even cooking

Cooked black beans

High simmer on the ground turkey in stock & apple juice

The base for the yam and black bean stew

The cooked turkey ..cooling

The filling before adding the cooked steamed brown rice for the peppers

The turkey and black beans stew before adding the thick stock

steamed brown rice for the peppers, cooking/drying out

Turkey & rice stuffed yellow peppers

Roasted Vegetables inc. own grown tomatoes

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