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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

my first recipe book-biography is NOW available on Amazon Kindle..download the Kindle Viewer App when you purchase it.

The Great Granny Diet, is my  first recipe book and biography, lots of recipes, tips, anecdotes and ideas on how to prepare good food at home.
Safer food handling and storage and lots and lots of easy to make, recipes..this book covers appetizers, soups and stews.
The next one I am still writing will be everything baked

The Great Granny Diet (recipes and tips you great grandmother should have told you.). is available on Amazon Kindle for $4.49 USD

just hit the link  (below) and Type in THE GREAT GRANNY Diet..and it will open up.

  and it can be read on a on a computer you don't need a Kindle Reader. Just donwload the Free Kindle Viewer App when you purchase so now you will have my recipes handy enough to place on kitchen table while you make dinner.

Later on I will be publishing a hard back book of more recipes too.

Annie Crook my "Greatest" Paternal Grandmother and great cook

Thank you, John Nigel

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