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Monday, January 4, 2016


Love it or hate it, OX Tongue is still considered a delicacy and is a gorgeous cut of meat when prepared properly.
It is widely used in Hispanic cooking and is often a meat used in tacos and burritos.

It is ANOTHER mystery meat and a lost art in home cooking.

Very high protein, tender and low fat. A very highly flavored and  rich meat, a little goes a long way. Easy to freeze, slice/cut into chunks and wrap in wax paper them cling wrap and foil.
 Great for sandwiches and stir frying, and like I mentioned, makes a great filling for tacos or wraps.

1 ox tongue

2 large carrots

2 large onions

1 whole head of garlic (optional)

2tsp ground nutmeg or mace

3 bay leaves

2-3 tsp sea salt ( depends if the tongue has been salted by the butcher, if it has omit the salt)

10 whole peppercorns

2 stalks celery


1)Soak the whole tongue in clean water for 24 hours, weigh it down so it is covered in water.
Change the water after 12 hours.
2) Drain the ox tongue and place in a large saucepan, cover with fresh water and bring to boil.
Skim off any scum that floats to top.
Add the vegetables roughly chopped and the head of garlic whole. Add the herbs and spices too.
Do not add salt at this stage.
3) Bring back to rolling boil, cover and simmer on high for 3-4 hours or until the small bones in the end of the tongue can be easily removed.

Check seasonings in the cooking liquor, adding salt and more peppercorns as needed.
4) Remove from heat and allow the tongue to cool in the cooking liquor.

5) Remove the tongue from the liquor, and skin it, remove any fat, bone or gristle.  Place in a high sided pot or cake tin, curling it to fit tightly in the tin/dish.
6) Add a cup or 2 of the cooking liquor, and place a plate over the top with a heavy weight.
7) Put in a cool place/fridge and leave for 24 hours as is.
8) turn onto a plate and serve..sliced for sandwiches, thick chunks for tacos/ wraps & etc.

This is great slowly heated in a rich tomato sauce
Treat like a cooked ham, keep cold until use.

It can also be left in it's original shape and sliced, without curling it.

The leftover cooking liquor can be used for soups and stews if it is not too salty.

Happy, Healthy and Economical cooking.

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