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Thursday, November 20, 2014

RECIPES: Meat & Vegetable Provencale; Scandinavian Meatballs; Rossini style "birds"; Stuffed Bell Peppers; Meat and Potato Pancakes/Latkes; Louisianna Style ragout; Easy Mexican Style Mole; Baked Carrot Loaf; Savory Sweet Potato/Yam Pie; Bacon Cake; Quick fish and cheese pie; Kedgeree-skillet made or baked.. EASY and terrific ways WITH your Thanksgiving/ or any weekend Feast leftovers

Here are 32 excuses not to waste food and instead, Eat Gourmet food on a "shoestring".

This is designed for students, seniors, singles and anyone who wants to eat better and spend less at the grocery store.

Great recipes tried and tested over 150 years now updated to 21st Century HOME kitchens.

Healthy and  (UN)common Sense eating in our  busy world.

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"Baking a name for yourself" over 81 recipes for all kinds of breads including puddings, cakes, tarts, rolls and scones.
My own photos.
Easy recipes for the home cook, no expensive equipment needed.


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