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Monday, May 5, 2014

5/5/14..Happy Cinco De Mayo Day A menu fit for Celebration..PHOTOS

This day commemorates the Mexican Army of 4,500  soldiers, defeat of the attacking forces of the French (8000 soldiers..then considered the premier army in the world) in 1862.
The French, in 1861 invaded Mexico, at Veracruz and over threw the then president, Juarez marched their forces towards Mexico City, but encountered heavy resistance at the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe.
On May 5th 1862 they attacked, the nearby town of Puebla and were defeated.
This does not commemorate Mexican Independence day which is celebrated in September, It commemorates The Battle of Puebla as seen in the above painting.

The menu:

Bean and avocado Vegan "Quesadillas"..toast the corn tortillas and top with beans and avocado, then top with another tortilla and heat in a dry skillet

Avocado and chicken soup

Watermelon and beet salsa with avocado and baked corn tortilla chips

Chicken & Vegetable enchiladas

Chickpea and vegetable "epanadas"

  Roasted whole chicken with oregano and garlic with sauteed green squash

Wholewheat sourdough chocolate & red flame raisin breads

Corn breads with agave syrup

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