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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Turkey Cottage Pie with cheese; Turkey and vegetable strudels; Amish style Turkey & Vegetable Pot pies; Minestrone soup, Pinto bean and Kale soup; Vegetable Korma and oatmeal raisin cookies..Today's delivery Menu in Photos

Pinto bean and kale soup

The vegetable korma before adding the coconut milk


The turkey and vegetable  for the pies, & strudels...also have an almond cream gravy to add

Cheese topped turkey-vegetable strudels

Turkey-vegetable "Cottage Pie" also topped with cheese to be baked at client's home

Previous 2 the Amish style Turkey-vegetable pot pies the pastry contains eggs and own rendered chicken fat..fabulous rich pies
The korma vegetables before adding the reduced coconut curry sauce

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Previous 2 ..organic tomatoes, own grown Thai basil, Cheddar cheese and olive oil for baking at client's home, and a side for the pies...also topped with dry breadcrumbs

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