Golden Poppies our State Wildflower

Friday, April 11, 2014

Photos from the Mojave Desert. ..wild flowers in bloom, I am staying close to a Desert Tortoise Preserve..here are some photos of my trip, now some 4 hours east of Los Angeles in the High Desert

Tonight''s Sunset over the Mojave Desert

Wild Golden Poppy, California's State flower

Native American reservation close to Beaumont Ca

Snow on peak is on the highest mountain in California

Beaver tail Cactus flowers

imported olive tree in full flower

Sage in flower

Desert oasis

Joshua Trees at sunset

Joshua Tree flowers..they are related to the lily family

recent rains have brought out the wild flowers..with the recent high temps ( today it was 97f in the shade in Palm Springs) these  flowers will most likely be dead in 2 weeks

Cholla Cactus

The Moon rising over Joshua Tree

The flowers on these 2 photos are really small

these flowers are bright white and beautiful
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