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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Vegetable soup with Chicken, Turkey & Vegetable Meatloaves with Marinara sauce; Peanut butter-dried banana & pecan Butter cookies..all photos of prep for tomorrows deliveries

Asparagus, sugar snap peas, celery, carrots. zucchini and onions cooked in chicken broth with sweetcorn, thyme and cooked roasted chicken added

Turkey-vegetable meatloaf, browned for 20 mins in 400f oven then turn down to 350f for 30 mins covered in own made Marinara sauce

peanut butter, own dried banana chips and pecan cookies..the bananas are caramel like when baked..delicious

The recipe is on my other blog...goodeliphe.blogspot.com..just enter peanut butter cookies in the search box, you may add whatever you like to the  basic recipe, in place of roasted peanuts

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