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Monday, February 10, 2014

Turkey Enchiladas..photos how to

Always heat the tortilla in a dry skillet, before dipping in sauce and filling & rolling..heating makes the corn tortilla more flexible

Ground turkey, tomatoes, annatto paste, carrots, onions, garlic, cilantro, potatoes. These are non-spicy tomato sauce based enchiladas; sort of something like a Mexican Cannoli

The base sauce: Roasted scallions, tomatoes, bell peppers and tomatoes in their juice, blended.

Chopped scallions

Chopped cilantro

Grated fresh cheese you may use feta

The best way to prepare enchiladas is to have a "production Line" set up, with all the fillings, bases and toppings ready prepped in small bowls.
Heat the tortillas and keep warm wrapped in a cloth kitchen towel.
Dip the tortillas one at a time in the base sauce.
(also add the base sauce to the greased casserole dish).
Fill the sauced tortilla with the filling, it is it too wet it won't roll so in that case strain off the excess sauce.
Fill and add cheese if needed, and roll.
Place in casserole seam side down
Cover top and sides with more sauce and top with grated cheese, scallions and cilantro.

These will be baked at clients home 350F for 35-40 mins.covered.
Some clients are dairy free so they didn't have the grated Fresh Cheese ( low salt and not aged cow's milk cheese).

For spicy authentic enchiladas replace the tomato based sauce with red or green chile sauces, everything else is the same.

For Vegetarian filling:
saute onions, garlic, cumin, add chopped carrots, celery, bell pepper, saute for 10 mins add 1 cup red or white wine, and  top with canned chopped tomatoes in their juice.
Add salt & pepper, red paprika, dried oregano, bay leaf and cook on medium simmer for 1 hour.
You may also add chopped potato,cooked pinto beans/black beans and sweetcorn.
Also add cheese or not as needed.

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